A complete list of all the tasks we can help you take care of for a refreshing, new life.

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Reclaim Your “A” Game

Wrap up the package of you, environmentally, stylistically and emotionally. What does your home say about you? What do your cloths say about you? What does your profile say about you? It’s one thing to want love and passion in your life but it’s quite another thing to be emotionally and physically prepared for it. Anything and everything is possible but if your life, your home, your personal self care, closet, office, car and profile are a mess, you’ve limited your scope of possibilities. Lets’ together, UP YOUR “A” GAME, be the best version of yourself possible.

Move Management

We create a stress-free move from beginning to end.  We are able to anticipate every aspect of the move from hiring the moving company, packing, organizing and setting up. We pay close attention to every detail to make your transition as easy and relaxing as possible. If your move is local, we measure the new home to have a better idea what existing furniture will fit and what will not, we do it all and take the guess work out of the process.

“Stop stressing, start living”


Scheduling and Coordination

From our first introduction, we can immediately set up the scheduling and coordination of your transition.  We begin by obtaining quotes from moving companies and end with the cleaning as we walk out. We then set up a schedule outlining each and every day on a calendar provided by us that each day is carefully planned so that your professional and personal life can be managed as well. We work around family events, children’s sports schedules so that your life can be maintained and you can relax.

Interview and obtain Moving Quotes

After the first free, one hour consultation and our partnership agreements are signed, we immediately begin the process of interviewing and obtaining quotes from reliable moving companies. This process gives our clients time to process what the move will cost and the time frames in which we have to work.

Packing and Purging 

Our approach to packing and purging is to assist you in deciding what to take with you and purge what might not be necessary to take. We find good and appropriate homes for items not going with you from charities to family members. After purging, we carefully and meticulously pack items ready to move. When you set foot in your new home, everything there will be items you adore, not the clutter that has weighed you down.

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life”

– Marie Kondo

Align contractors 

Likely there will be minor repairs to your existing home that need to be completed for the house to show at its best. We will set up contractors or handymen to complete those minor jobs.


If you are moving locally, our team will visit your new home and measure for the rightsizing of furniture and decorative items. With this step, we can sketch out “to scale” floor plan ensuring existing furniture will fit and work well in the new space. We get a head start on furniture ordering if necessary. This is extremely helpful in the process of downsizing and decluttering. Having first hand visual knowledge of the space you are moving into helps you and our staff purge what will not fit saving you an enormous amount of time and money having to move it a second time and optimize your new home environment. Our space planning services reach beyond just space planning, the process ensures the balance of your past, current and future life style. Rightsizing can save you money and ensures our understanding what your future and next step is.

“Restart your life by reorganizing your home”


Photo Documentation and Home Inventory

There are a number of ways to accomplish home documentation and inventory. This process should occur in the beginning of the transition before anything is moved. Many homeowners are unaware of the quantity or value of their belongings. This process can be useful in the short term to ensure everything was transported as it was found. It can also be useful protecting you in the case of natural or man-made disasters or used in estate planning, insurance and organizing. This process can be done by our staff with photo copies or a video from your phone or done by a professional appraiser. Either way, it is highly recommended.


We begin in the kitchen with boxes pre-marked “important first day” wind our way to the bathroom and bedroom giving you, your first night, a feeling of home, coffee maker in place and beds made. With our professional staff, getting your new home in shape will happen in a quarter of the time leaving you days, months, even years to get on with the more important things in life. Together we will place furniture, take notes of what might be needed and finish off with a new and exciting feeling of home.

Coordinate and supervise discarded items, storage and consignment

Our staff will clearly mark and supervise the items being transferred to storage or consignment and supervise the removal of trash. Usually this is an on-going process during the packing and purging process where space needs to be available to store items till the end nearer the moving date determined. This gives our clients time to think, rethink and add to the piles of unnecessary items to take. Near the end, we are able to hire a trash removal company and have consignment pick up determined items. Items that are to be moved to storage can be done in coordination with the moving company the day of the move or before.

“…reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future”

-Marie Kondo


Our staff is well equipped to help in your decorating needs. Everything from color consulting to furniture placement. If an Interior Designer is what you need, we have recommendations for that too.