Reclaim Your “A” Game

Wrap up the package of you, environmentally, stylistically and emotionally. What does your home say about you? What do your cloths say about you? What does your profile say about you? It’s one thing to want love and passion in your life but it’s quite another thing to be emotionally and physically prepared for it. Anything and everything is possible but if your life, your home, your personal self care, closet, office, car and profile are a mess, you’ve limited your scope of possibilities. Lets’ together, UP YOUR “A” GAME, be the best version of yourself possible.

Move Management

We create a stress-free move from beginning to end.  We are able to anticipate every aspect of the move from hiring the moving company, to packing, organizing and setting up. We pay close attention to every detail to make your transition as easy and relaxing as possible. If your move is local, we measure the new home to have a better idea what existing furniture will fit and what will not, we do it all and take the guess work out of the process.

Scheduling and Coordination

From our first introduction, we can immediately set up the scheduling and coordination of your transition.  We begin by obtaining quotes from moving companies and end with the cleaning as we walk out. We set up a schedule outlining each and every day that is carefully planned so that your professional and personal life can be managed. We work around family events such as children’s sports schedules so that your life can be maintained and you can relax.

Interview and obtain Moving Quotes

After the first free, one hour consultation and our partnership agreements are signed, we immediately begin the process of interviewing and obtaining quotes from reliable moving companies. This process gives our clients time to process what the move will cost and the time frames in which we have to work.

  • Home and Life Organization
  • Makeovers
  • Dating Do’s and Don’ts
  • Practice Dating Skills
  • Online Dating Profile and Photography
  • Dating Coaching
  • Help Plan Perfect Dates
  • Closet Assessment
  • Move In or Out Services
  • Scheduling and Coordination Timetables
  • Interview and Obtain Quotes from Moving Companies
  • Packing and Purging
  • Align Contractors for Repairs in your Current and Your New Home
  • Rightsizing
  • Photo Documentation and Home Inventory
  • Manage Change of Address, Ranging from Utilities to Friends and Family
  • Coordinate and Supervise Discarded Items, Storage and Consignment Donation
  • Supervise Clean Up Between Residences
  • Decorating
  • Help in Obtaining Pet Care on Moving Day
  • Have Keys Made for the Old Residence and the New Residence
  • Suddenly Single Living Set Up

Meet Tyson

Tyson Kennedy founded Tyson’s Gotcha Covered in 2010. After her parent’s death and dealing with the closing of their estate, she felt emotionally drained and overwhelmed.  This experience made her realize the genuine need of finding well-qualified and trusting people to help guide her through the seemingly endless dredge of moving and making hard decisions constantly. The experience left her compassionate and understanding to the process, qualities much needed in transitioning.

“I do this work for purely selfish reasons. I love to see my clients light up when they have more time and space in the world to create and focus on their own dreams. It’s an intimate experience, I’m honored to be a part of the reclaiming of someones life. I get to witness the freedom that comes after moving, downsizing or de-cluttering so they can move on to being their most powerful, decisive and sexy self.”


With her years of experience in relationship coaching and training, Hospice care and being a Certified Mediator, Tyson brings a refreshing new approach to things often felt to be overwhelming. Her no-nonsense approach to life and sensitivity to others combine to make lives easier and more effective.  She not only brings her “A” Game of perfection and attention to detail, her Hospice experience, decorating, personal shopper and color consultant experiences has provided her with a unique perspective and a clear understanding of how she can serve your organizational and emotional needs.

Tyson and her staff have a high level of trained organization skills; they can assess what needs to be done and coordinate to perfection.

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